My Mission and promise

I am Mo. I  am a mechanical engineer and I have been working  in Pharmaceutical industry for more than a decade. However, my deepest passion is in Fitness and Nutrition, so I decided to study both to be certified Personal Coach and Nutritionist. But, study is not enough, I always love to keep up to date with the latest research about Nutrition and health. My goal is make positive impact on people’s life by helping them reaching their fitness goals and having  healthy life with whom they love.  I believe to help someone reach his/her fitness goal, you have to put yourself in his/her shoes and totally understand his/her way of life in order to really help in establishing a comprehensive program to fit his/her life style. I am not a big fan of creating a program and send it to the client and you live with it.  That proved it doesn’t work in most of the time and with most people.

I  have been always doing my homework in getting as much details as possible and coming up with a comprehensive plan to discuss , implement and follow up. Changes can be done when needed to make sure we are on track for your target goal.

If you are interested in changing your health  and fitness to the better, I am here to support you.